Levitra User Reviews

I tried the dosage Levitra 10mg. In an hour I felt the desired effect. My wife said my pole was too solid and asked to make it slowly. It was great. Headache was the only side effect I noticed. It lasted for a couple of hours. Not too irritating in fact, so I can say that the result exceeded my expectations.


Well done! Levitra works great when I need it, no fails noticed. Didn’t pay much attention to side effects, the only thing I noticed is a bit higher blood pressure. But it doesn’t last long. Overall the result is fantastic.


This is now the only medication I use to fight impotence. I saw many positive reviews about levitra on man’s forums and opted for these pills. I used it very often since that time. I’ve seen some changes when I’m on levitra. First off, it restored my confidence during sex. Before that I didn’t feel able to reach the peak every time I had sex. It’s like you start moving but not sure you’ll get to the point. In the morning I usually have nasal congestion, sometimes I have indigestion. But I take no notice of that, I’m satisfied with the result and that’s the main thing I guess.


I’m 51, I have high blood pressure and I’m a little overweight (tell me who isn’t?). In the last 3 months I had problems with erection, not always but often enough, so I asked a doctor about medication for erectile dysfunction. He recommended me to try levitra. I took one pill an hour before sex. The erection was good enough, not like I had in juvenile age, but still we’ve manged to have 4 sex acts in a row. Speaking about side effects, I was actually afraid about my high blood pressure that could be even higher. But I had red face instead. My wife told me I’m too red. This was my first experience of taking levitra. Hope next time it will be even better.


I tried viagra and cialis but wasn’t satisfied with the result I’d got. My pole was too weak, it faded instantly even don’t know why. With levitra 20 mg I have a big strong wand that can easily satisfy my woman. Touching side effects, I had a slight face reddening.


It works indeed and helps in need! I tried levitra and can say it’s really effective. I think it’s the best among trio viagra-cialis-levitra, more powerful and promises better performance.


I just started to take levitra. I’m 40, I have low level of testosterone as a result I was diagnosed impotence. I’m glad I decided to talk to a doctor. Now my erection is strong, I don’t worry about loss of it during intercourse. With levitra my erection is the same as 20 years ago. After first taking of levitra I had nausea and headache the next morning, now it’s much better.


I’m 52 and I feel I have to share my experience of taking levitra. I use a half of 20mg levitra pill. The effect is awesome. I quickly restores after first intercourse and is ready for a second one in 10 minutes. I first tried to take a whole pill, the result was amazing but I had an irritating headache, so I lowered a dosage. I didn’t feel great difference in performance but no side effects at all. I think it depends on a person what dosage to use. For me levitra is the best medication against ED.